Putting In the Work

 A Call to Action: We Can, We Will and We Must Do the Work if We are going the Change the Narrative and MBRACE Our Roles as Fathers! 

What is MBRACE Fatherhood

Our Mission is to embrace our roles as fathers and reclaim our children

MBRACe Fatherhood - Changing the Narrative

A discussion on Changing the Narrative of Black Fatherhood

A Prayer For Father's

Powerful - The Circle of Men

The Fatherhood Deficit

An Analysis of the Effects of Fatherlessness

A Father's Love

 Love is the key to healing in Our Community. Whether that Love is for Our Children, Love and Respect for the Mother's of Our Children, Love for the Absentee Father and the Love Brother's show to Support One Another 

The making of a man

What My Father Taught Me and What I Teach My Children